Fanart of C-ute.
—I take no credit. All credits belongs to the author—

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(Berryz工房と℃-ute、“後悔なんてしたくないから”日本武道館で「忘れたくない夏」 | Berryz工房×℃-ute | BARKS音楽ニュースから) Berryz工房
A fanart of Nakajima  Saki
—I take no credit. All credit goes to the author.—
Please management of Hello Project! Give Kanon this hairstyle all the time. It suits her so much more better than the stupid ponytail in the Evolution concert tour. 

Gokkies Reunited ♥
  • They seemed to really enjoy themselves during this concert.

    Going to have to re-watch this loads.